Hamster, Gerbil & Budgie Boarding at Moonfleet

We are happy to board hamsters, gerbils and budgies here at Moonfleet.  Small animal cages, unlike hutches, are easily transportable. Therefore, we ask that you bring along your cage when boarding your pet.  This will allow your pet to enjoy the comfort of his/her own environment.  

DIET:  We will provide fresh water daily for your pet.  We will also provide a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables – you can let us know any likes/dislikes when completing our booking form.  For hamsters and gerbils, we are happy to provide dried food for your pet, but if you have a fussy eater, please feel free to bring along their favourite dried food mix/nuggets. For budgies, we ask that you provide their dried seed.

EXERCISE:  If your  hamster or gerbil is happy using an exercise ball, we will give them opportunities to take a supervised roam around!  Otherwise, let us know how well your pet is used to being handled, so that we can provide a stress-free stay!

ACCOMMODATION: We will board your pet in a quiet area of our house, away from sources of noise (e.g. television), to ensure that they have a calm and comfortable stay with us.

TEXT/EMAIL UPDATES: We are happy to provide text or email updates to you free of charge whilst your pet boards with us, enabling you further peace of mind.