Pricing Information

Our prices are as follows: rabbits £7 per day, guinea pigs £6 per day, budgies £5 per day, hamsters £4 per day, gerbils £4 per day. 

Discounts are available as follows: two bonded rabbits sharing a hutch £9.50 per day,  two bonded guinea pigs sharing a hutch £8.50 per day, three bonded guinea pigs sharing a hutch £11 per day, four bonded guinea pigs sharing a hutch £13.50 per day.

Repeat customers – 10% discount for stays of 5 days or more.

If your pet is boarding with us on: Good Friday, Easter Monday, May/August bank holiday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, we will charge double rate.

Extended boarding is available at a discounted price to be agreed at the time of booking.

The daily rate includes the day your pet is brought to us and the day he/she leaves, regardless of the time of day.  Total payment is due when you drop off your pet.

Please note that the dates booked for on your form will be fully charged for even if you decide to come home early, this is because other bookings have not been taken in order to accommodate your pet.  If you do not collect your pet/s on the agreed day you will then be charged for any extra days at the current daily rate.