Guinea Pig Boarding

Guinea Pig Boarding at Moonfleet

We enjoy boarding guinea pig friends here at Moonfleet and would like to tell you about our health and safety practices.  

DIET: We will provide fresh water and hay daily for your guinea pig, alongside a supply of seasonal vegetables.  As guinea pigs can have delicate stomachs, you may wish to provide your own dried food.  Alternatively, we can provide guinea pig nuggets or a dried mix.  There is a section on our booking form for you to tell us about your guinea’s likes and dislikes!

EXERCISE:  We believe that it is important for your guinea pig to get plenty of fresh air and exercise during their stay at Moonfleet.  We are fortunate to have a large garden and in dry weather your guinea pig can enjoy munching on our grass!  In wet weather, your guinea pig can still benefit from exercise in our covered concrete runs with plenty of hay, tunnels and hideaways to explore!

GROOMING: If you own a long-haired guinea pig we will be happy to provide a free brushing service for your pet during their stay at Moonfleet.  Please let us know at time of booking and provide your own brush.  Unfortunately we are unable to clip nails.

HEALTH: We recommend that your guinea pig has been WORMED and treated for FLYSTRIKE prior to boarding with us.

TEXT/EMAIL UPDATES: We are happy to provide text, WhatsApp or email updates to you free of charge whilst your guinea pig boards with us, enabling you further peace of mind.

Mohune Cottage (upper storey) – this accommodation measures 3ft4 (L), 1ft9 (D), 1ft7 (H)

Grebe Chalet (lower storey) – this accommodation measures 3ft4 (L), 1ft9 (D), 1ft9 (H)

Glennie Cabin – this accommodation  measures 5ft (L), 1ft2 (D), 1ft3 (H)

Oldridge Quarters (upper storey) – this accommodation  measures 5ft (L),  2ft (D), 1ft9 (H)

Hythe Villa (lower storey) – this accommodation measures 5ft (L), 2ft (D), 2ft (H)

Trenchard Lodge – the cosiest of our guinea pig accommodation, but used to separate any fighting piggies or for recently bereaved piggies who need a cosier place to feel comfortable.  It measures 3ft (L), 1ft3 (D), 1ft4 (H)

In the colder months, we have an indoor cage that we can use to board guinea pigs within our home, measuring: 119 x 59 x 47 cm (L x W x H).

We aim to provide a caring and safe environment for your guinea pigs at Moonfleet – a home from home.